Tenjin san 天神さん

Tenjin Market at Kitano Tenmangu北野天満宮 places 25th of the month. We called that market as Tenjin san天神さん。毎月25日に北野天満宮で行われる天神さんの市に行ってきました。主にアンティーク、骨董が多いですが、食べ物屋さん、最近では、海外からのクラフトなども見受けられました。

Found some beautiful Indigo pieces and one of them was from Edo era.


Beautiful Sobachoko蕎麦猪口


家のアクセサリーも見つかります。monkey shaped hook was also found there

Old Kimono fabric from Meiji era

Better to get there early like 7:30am

The ‘it’ Sakura Tree in Kyoto

This is the Sakura Tree at Maruyama Park that even us locals are mesmerised by every year..

As we get older and experienced, Kyoto adds up more charms to us in certain matters—- food, culture, kimono fashion, and cherry blossom viewing…..